~ About us~
I developed my love for the Great Dane breed many years ago. My life changed drastically one day when all of a sudden, much to my surprise.....I became a single Mom with 3 kids. We lived out in the country and at the time, had no neighbors. I wanted a dog that "looked" big and foreboding, but was really a big ole softy and would be good with my kids and all their friends that came and went in our house. That was when Apollo came into our lives. He was the perfect fit. He was wonderful with all the kids and all their antics, but was very watchful when strangers would come knocking, or a strange car would pull into the driveway. I was hooked! It all just kinda blossomed from there. :)
A few years later I met Bobby and I knew he "was the one" He had been invited over for supper. He had knocked, but I guess I didn't hear him. When I came out the door, there he was, in the middle the whelping room floor with Sadie and her puppies. Sadie was very protective of her pups when they were young and didn't like anyone, especially strangers around them. Sadie was giving Bobby kisses and her puppies were climbing all over him. If Sadie liked him, he was a keeper! We've been together ever since.