Occasionally we have an adult available, they will be listed here. Please email or call for more information on these dogs as there may be special needs or qualifications. You must be within driving distance,  (sometimes we can arrange to meet) as we do not ship. We do a 2 week trial period with these dogs as we like to be sure dog and family are a good match.
email for more information

Adopting an adult dog takes a "certain" kind of person. A patient, caring person. A person willing to go the extra mile.
 A person willing to allow time for the 
relationship to grow and to nurture it as it does.
 With an adult you cannot realistically expect perfect from day one! If this is your expectation, you should NOT be considering an adult! (or any animal for that matter!)

When thinking of adopting an adult dog, Please- consider your situation and your personality, are you willing to give it your all
Think of the dog and their feelings, not just your own.

Read Penrose Great Danes "Most Wanted" list 

This is Minnie! She is a blue female with natural ears. She was born 02/17/13. She is spayed and also had the gastropexy done. Minnie would do best in a home without any children
 She is a sweet loyal healthy girl, just doesn't do well with young kids.
Minnie will require someone who is willing to come visit her several times before an adoption decision.
Visit, take her for walks, just spend time with her. 
Please call or email for more information on Minnie
This is Clyde. He is  1 1/2 years old. He is neutered and had the Gastropexy done also. 
He is a big lover of a dog. He does need to be the only dog in the household. 
He had glaucoma in his left eye when he was about 6 months old. The eye was removed. 
He does not know he is "different" His other eye is healthy. 
Clyde needs to be in an adult family. He is very protective. Would make a wonderful companion for a single person or couple in a more sedate, quiet setting.