If you are looking to purchase a puppy from Penrose Great Danes, we have an adoption contract that must be agreed to and signed. This contract is to protect the puppy, the buyer and the breeder, in that order.
Penrose Great Danes Adoption Contract
Here are the key elements of the contract;
(complete version of this contract available upon request)
Purchasers agree to take good and resonable care of the puppy, feed
and house the puppy properly.
If at ANY time the purchaser is unable to keep and properly care for the puppy/dog, for ANY reason, they must be returned to the breeder, not sold, transferred, given away or turned into ANY rescue or humane association. ( no refunds or "buy backs" this is to assure proper placement of the puppy/dog )
Puppy will be given timely, appropriate and necessary medical attention.
Puppy/Dog will not be chained
ALL our puppies are sold with limited registration and MUST be spayed/neutered. AKC papers are HELD until this simple surgery is completed and we have received verification.