This is "Ziggy" a usually very happy energetic boy,(although the past few weeks he has been very confused and bewildered) loves to play fetch (okay so it is more like keep away) He is 4 years old, neutered, natural ears.
  Here is "Ziggy's" story-
On June 15, 2005 a young family came to visit Ziggy. Everyone got along famously! They wanted a dog good with the kids and to be a companion since the Husband was going to Iraq. We spent a lot of time and they left, with Ziggy for the 2 week trial. After 2 weeks, the Mom emailed and said they loved Ziggy and he was the most wonderful dog they had ever known, they definitely wanted him to stay and be a part of their family. Wonderful! So I sent them his medical records and AKC papers, micro chip certificate, tags, all Ziggy's important history. I emailed a few times after that to check in and every time was told everything is great. Well................On Wednesday, Dec. 14th I received a very disturbing call for the Humane Society in Colorado Springs,seems Ziggy was picked up on Tuesday Dec 12th as a stray. WHAT? That just couldn't be! ( they were able to trace him thru his micro chip to me- THANK GOD!) I relayed to them the story I've just outlined here and then gave them the families information, as it was filled out on the contract they signed. I hung up and immediately phoned them, I know this just had to be a case where the dog wandered off, surely they must be frantic, wondering where he was. 
  Well, unfortunately that turned out not to be the case, but the opposite. I called the phone number they had given me ( I had spoke to them on the same number just a few weeks before) A woman answered the phone and when I asked to speak to Donna (The Mom's name) there was some hesitation and stuttering and then the woman said I must have the wrong number- I asked again "This isn't Donna Farmer?" No, she said and  hung up.
Why would they dump Ziggy, when all they had to do was call me and I would have come to get him. They were obligated by the contract to return him if they were no longer able or willing to keep him. I just don't understand.  So now I cannot reach these people they have all Ziggy's records and have given an awesome dog a rough time when all he wanted to do was love and "protect" them. How very very unfair.
  I need everyone's help here.....This is the information I have
Donna Farmer
4731 B Belcher St
Fort Carson , CO 80913
Any help to find the current address or phone. Any ideas? Any Military families out here have any suggestions on finding these people ??
Thanks for taking the time to read Ziggy's story. 

**UPDATE- ZIggy has a wonderful new home with a gentleman that lives in the mountains. Ziggy even goes to work with him and rides shotgun!
This is Ziggy's story~
**Donna did contact me once and told me more lies but promised tosend me Ziggy's things. She still has not!